Windows 7: Activation Error

April 2018

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Error activating Windows 7: product key incorrect
If, during installation of Windows 7, a message appears informing you that your product key is incorrect, this may be due to one of the following reasons:
  • You have worngly entered your product key. Try typing again.
  • The product key used does not match the version of Windows 7 which is installed on the computer. Check it to make sure it matches the version you are trying to activate.
  • The product key is for an update to Windows 7 version and you do not have a previous version of Windows when installing Windows 7. To install update to Windows 7 version, you need Windows Vista or Windows XP on your computer. If you formatted the hard drive before installing, you can not use the product key update to enable Windows 7. To activate Windows 7, you must install your previous version of Windows, then reinstall Windows 7. To get help on activation, visit Microsoft Support Web.

Note that:You may get Windows 7 activation error: 0xC004F061

It is recommended to install Windows 7 with your current version of Windows. If you want to format your hard drive while you are using a update to Windows 7 version, you must restart your computer using the DVD update of Windows 7, and then click Custom (advanced) and Drive options (advanced).

Check your product key, locate the label on the computer or in the packaging box of Windows in case you have purchased and downloaded online Windows 7, the product key is in the confirmation email. If you still can not find your product key, you may need to buy a new one on the website Authenticity of Windows.

If the error persists when you enter your product key, leave the box blank and click Next. This allows you to complete the installation without your copy of Windows 7 being activated. You must activate Windows within 30 days after installation.
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