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Installing games on China mobile Alfatel h1

With the revolution in telephony,mobile phones have now become gaming devices and Chinese mobile model Alfatel h1 is no different; games can be enjoyed once they are installed on the phone. It is, however, important to remember that only the games which are compatible with this Chinese mobile model should be downloaded. This phone only supports games with the extension name .nes, and these need to be downloaded and then copied to the GAMES Folder on the memory card of the phone.


I live in China and would like to find a way to install games on my H1 AFTEL mobile phone.


  • Go to this website: http://mobile.surrealnetworks.com/NesRoms.htm
  • Download the games you want to install
  • Connect you phone to your PC using the USB cable
  • Copy the games you downloaded into the Games folder on your phones memory card:
  • From your PC, locate and access your phone's memory card
  • Go to the Games folder
    • It may also be named "Game"
    • If this folder does not exist, create it
  • Copy the games (with the extension .nes) into this folder
  • Disconnect your phone and restart it
  • On your phone, go to Fun and Games and find the Games folder where you saved your games

Note: There is a risk that some of these games might not be supported by your phone. China phones require games with .nes extension file (ex. batman.nes, spiderman.nes, mario.nes etc).


Thanks to Harry for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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