Western Digital External HDD prevents boot up

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I have a brand new Western Digital 1T External Hard Drive that is preventing my Sony VAIO from booting up as long as the Drive is plugged into the port. It hangs on "VAIO" just before the Intel logo comes up. I am not a tekkie and would really appreciate a step by step solution. (It boots up just fine without the drive plugged in.) Thanks for any help at all cause Western Digital cannot do anything except point fingers at Microsoft and Sony! It worked just fine with my Hitachi 250 Gig HD. Is the 1T too much for this drive? Anytime a breeze blows thru the Northwest, it deletes a drive off of the computer.


Here is the solution:
  • As your computer is booting up,
  • Tap the F2 button until the BIOS UTILITY screen pops up.

On my Sony VAIO, you'd go to the Advanced screen and select USB Configuration,
  • Access the USB Legacy tab and you'll see enabled/disable functions.
  • Select "Disable" then OK to save and you're all set.
  • Press ESC to return to the boot up.

On restart, it will sail right past where it was hanging up.


Thanks to Yellow One for this tip on the forum.

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