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How To Fix Error 910 on Play Store

The latest update to Google Play Store is causing problems for many users who are seeing the code error 910 on their devices. If you've seen this message, don't worry. We'll explain how to fix it!

How To Fix Play Store Error 910

If you want to fix error 910, you should know that this procedure can also be used on the following error codes: error 18, error 20, error 103, error 194, error 492, error 495, error 505 , error 506, error 509, and error 905.

First Step

Open Settings, and then select Applications option. Next, you must choose Application Manager. Press the drop-down menu at the top right (icon with three vertical dots) and open Default applications. Choose the first app that appears. If you don't find this option, just skip to the next step.

Second Step

In the Default Applications list, scroll down to find the app from the Google Play Store. Open it and look for the Clear cache option. If you use a newer Android version and you're using a newer device, it is likely that this action is within the Storage option. Then select Clean data.

N.B.: If you're still having problems with error code 910, try restarting your phone.

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