The MySQL adapter "mysql" is not available

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MySQL is a RDBMS which can run as a server in a computer system and can provide multi-user access to one or more databases. Apache and MySQL can be integrated to build software systems where access to databases may be required. Configuration issues may lead to problems in connecting to the MySQL databases. If the MySQL adapter is not available, the php.ini file may be changed to include the parameter for the MySQL adapter in the dynamic extension section. After including the php_mysql.dll, a connection to the MySQL database can be made from a PHP script.


I was going to install Joomla in XP, but I get the following error message:

"Unable to connect to the database: The MySQL adapter "mysql" is not available".

MySql is running smoothly when I login through the command line. I'm using Apache.


Try locating and setting the following parameter in your php.ini (it is in the Dynamic Extensions section):


Prior to this change, I could make a simple php script without mysql run, like this:

but not another one like this

echo mysql_connect ('localhost', '<yourwebuser>', '<yourwebuserpassword>');   

The previous should normally output something like:

Resource id #n 

where n=1 or 2 or

Note: If the database is corrupted and you'd like to know how to import indexes ms sql, you may try this tool:


Thanks to Kicking_and_alive_at_last for this tip on the forum.

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