PS3 - Unable to play Call of Duty 4 online

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When I play call of duty 4 for PS3 I go to multi-player and then go to play online when I try and find a match such as team death match or free-for-all it takes a long time to find a match and when it does it says that the window has been closed. Other times it doesn't go to find a match a window comes up and says "Downloading game settings'.


To solve this:
  • Go to the online lobby screen where you get the option to select 'Find Game' etc
  • Switch off the power to your router (don't just disconnect your Ethernet cable).
  • Press 'X' to exit the 'You have been disconnected... ' screen and then exit the game to go back to the PS3 menu.
  • Plug your router back in and sign back into the PS Network.
  • Then try COD4 again and it will work.


Thanks to hipo for this tip on the forum.

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