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How To Enable Flash in Google Chrome

Are you using Google Chrome and still need to view Flash content on websites? Unfortunately since the release of Chrome 76, and for all subsequent versions, Adobe Flash Player is blocked by default. Luckily you can still enable Flash content on Google Chrome. Check out this article to find out more.

Flash Settings in Chrome

Since the release of Chrome 76, Flash content is blocked by default. Google's decision to no longer support the Adobe plugin was made for security and performance reasons. The support is scheduled to end December 2020.

To view Flash content, you must enable it. This can be done for each site, or you can modify your default Flash permissions. We'll show you two ways you can manage your Flash settings.

Activate Flash via Chrome's Settings Menu

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to open the drop-down menu and select Settings:

Go to Privacy and security then Site Settings. Here you will find the Flash option:

Click on the arrow to the right. On the page that opens, you can set preferences for Flash:

At the top you will find the option allow or block all sites from using Flash. Or below you can specify each site for which you want to Allow or Block the use of Flash content, which provides greater protection.

Change Flash Permissions While on a Website

If you have decided to block Flash by default, you will not be able to view Flash content. However, while on a specific page you can still modify the permissions temporarily or permanently.

Click on the padlock in the top left of the Chrome address bar (if the site is not HTTPS, click the Unsecured button). In the menu that opens you will see if the site is secure, as well as the option to modify your Flash permissions. Click on the drop-down to open the options:

You can select Ask (which will ask you each time you go to the site if you want to enable Flash content), Allow (which will always allow Flash for this site), or Block (which prevents the site from displaying Flash content).

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