Installing VLC on Fedora Linux

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Fedora is an open source project that includes collection of software and an OS that is supported on the Linux platform.This project enables users to enjoy videos and music in Linux based systems. In Fedora, Linux MP3 media files can be played easily. For this, however, in Fedora Linux VLC Media player has to be installed.VLC Media player can be installed on Fedora by adding repositories. In the terminal, codes have to entered in order to complete the installation procedure of this free media player.


I want to play MP3 files in Fedora Linux. How can I install an MP3 player or VLC player in Fedora Linux?


To install VLC on fedora:
  • Type in the terminal :
    • su -c 'rpm -Uvh¬lease-stable.noarch.rpm
  • Then type:
    • yum update
  • Install VLC:
    • yum install vlc


Thanks to zinovsky for this tip on the forum.

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