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The error message 'phpize: command not found' is an error that webmasters using the PHP programming language may have encountered. This happens if the PHP language is installed on the computer but the extension pack that is used to run the commands is not installed. This can be avoided and there is a very easy way to get rid of the error 'phpize: command not found'. A piece of code at the beginning of the document can solve the problem without any hassle.

Though you have installed the PHP programming language on your computer, you will be required to install the extension pecl to be able to run its commands.

Otherwise, you will be faced with the error message below:

sh: phpize: command not found    
ERROR: 'phpize' failed

To avoid this issue, copy and paste the following command at the beginning of your PHP document. It will run automatically and will save you a lot of time.

apt-get install php5-dev

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