Linux - Installing Flash under Firefox

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Flash enables users to enjoy to graphics intensive videos, animations and images on sites like YouTube and other similar websites that require installation of this plug-in. In systems based on Linux ,Firefox web browser Flash can be installed, although the browser is not automatically equipped with this plug-in. Flash in Firefox can be installed manually or, by using certain commands you can also complete this process. The latter method will not work with proxy settings, which require the help of the first method.


Flash allows your browser to play vector graphic images, animations and videos on certain websites like YouTube and other video websites. However Firefox is not equipped with flash plug-in by default, which restricts contents on those specific websites.

Here you will learn how install this plug-in so that you can enjoy Flash content using Firefox.

In command line

You can install the Flash plug-in using the following command:
  • sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree flashplayer-nonfree
    • Note that this installation method is not compatible with proxy settings. It is recommended to proceed with a manual installation if a proxy is installed.

Manual installation

  • Download Flash player here
  • Close Firefox
  • Click on Extract to decompress the file

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