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April 2018


I have an Excel spreadsheet with 13 worksheets. The first 12 worksheets are January through December. The 13th worksheet is a total. Each worksheet has identical columns and rows.

In all worksheets, there are about 10 columns like Date, Name, Address, Account Number, Department, Employee Name, etc...

What I am trying to do is enter the information in each monthly worksheet and have the data I'm entering automatically copied to the total worksheet. The total worksheet would contain all the data entered. I'd have a monthly breakdown, but the total page contains all transactions.

I have all the worksheets set up, but can't come up with the code to do the copy. Any suggestions please?


Try this. Of course make sure you make a backup of original file before testing
  • 1. The sheets are names Jan, Feb, ....
  • 2. The Master sheet is called Master
  • 3. The column 1 does not have blank value (it is used to find the max number of rows)
  • 4. There are no more than 11 columns
  • 5. Master sheet already have header row.

Sub copyData() 

    Dim maxRows As Long 
    Dim maxCols As Integer 
    Dim conSheet As String 'consolidated sheet name 
    Dim lConRow As Long  
    Dim maxRowCol As Integer 'used to find max number of rows 
    maxCols = 11 
    months = Array("Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec") 
    maxRowCol = 1 
    conSheet = "Master" 
    Cells(65536, 256).Select 
    maxRows = Selection.Row 
    Range("A2", Selection).Select 
    lConRow = 2 
    For x = 0 To Sheets.Count - 2 


        If ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode Then 
        End If 

        Dim lastRow As Long 
        lastRow = Cells(maxRows, maxRowCol).End(xlUp).Row 

        If (lastRow > 1) Then 

            Range(Cells(2, 1), Cells(lastRow, maxCols)).Select 

            Cells(lConRow, 1).Select 

            lConRow = Cells(maxRows, maxRowCol).End(xlUp).Row 
            lConRow = lSummaryRow + 1 

        End If 

        If ActiveSheet.Name = "Dec" Then Exit Sub 

End Sub


Thanks to rizvisa1 for this tip on the foru.
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