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How To Schedule Messages on WhatsApp

Every day there are over 60 million messages sent via WhatsApp. If you're one of the millions using WhatsApp to send messages, perhaps there has been a time when you needed to send a reminder or a note, but with a delayed delivery. Scheduling messages can save you a lot of time and can be a convenient way to send notifications, unfortunately WhatsApp does not allow you to do so in the app. Luckily there are a few 3rd party apps that allow you to do so. Check them out here!

Schedule Messages on WhatsApp


Wasavi is a free Android app that lets you compose and schedule messages. It's compatible with WhatsApp, and other messaging platforms like Signal. It also works with WhatsApp Business, which is a big advantage if you have a business and need to communicate with your customers beyond your operating hours. Simply program what you want to send them and Wasavi make sure it reaches them in time.

With this app you can also send messages to individual contacts or groups. In addition, you can program annual recurring messages, such as birthday and anniversary wishes. Once downloaded, all you need to do is provide the app access to access your contacts. Then find the balloon icon and choose Schedule Message, compose the message, set the delivery specifications, and then choose the list of contacts that will receive it.

Wasavi is also available for Android.


SKEDit Scheduling App is another free Android app that also allows you to schedule messages to send in advance. Not only is this app compatible with WhatsApp, but it also allows you to schedule SMSs, emails, and other notifications. It's the perfect solution for scheduling birthday wishes, work emails, event reminders, and so on.

To get started simply download the app, create an account, and then select how you want to send the message. You'll be able to write your message and set the delivery date and time. However, in order to use this app you must remove screen lock and having a Wi-Fi connection.

SKEDit is also available for Android.

Scheduled App

If you're using an iPhone, check out Scheduled App. iPhone users have fewer options that won't require you to jailbreak your phone. Much like the others, this app will let you compose and schedule delivery for messages on WhatsApp on other platforms, such as LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter, and many others.

In addition to scheduling messages, there are a few other key benefits to this app. It allows your to schedule recurring events and it syncs easily with many other calendars.
It's free to use, but there are also premium and business subscriptions with additional features available for $1.99 and $4.99, respectively.

You can download Scheduled App here for iPhone.

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