Identify your motherboard

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Identify your motherboard

Getting started

If you can, check out the user manual of your motherboard. This tip applies especially to owners of a high-end computers, for those who want to change CPU or RAM, or those who have lost the documentation about this particular hardware.

Determine the brand and reference of your motherboard

The easiest way is to go to system tools:
  • For more information, there are free software and performance to identify components of your computer:
    • List of software to identify your hardware
  • In case you want to change the CPU or RAM, the information collected may not be enough.
  • In fact, before buying a new processor or memory, it is necessary to know their maximum frequency supported by the motherboard.
  • There are different methods to obtain this information:

Search the Buying Guide of CCM

Visit the Buying Guide Section of CCM
Find your motherboard by typing the brand and reference.

Use in your search engine

Use your favorite search engine,e.g Google.

Look on the manufacturer's site

  • Visit the manufacturer's website and look for information on your motherboard (technical documents, drivers, list of compatible processors, maximum frequency of RAM supported).
    • These sites are often in English, you will find all necessary items: Download, Motherboard, Drivers, Technical Documentation and User Manual ... The references are usually in pdf format.
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