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How to Watch Netflix With Friends Remotely

Netflix is arguably a universal pastime. As we know that most things are best enjoyed when shared, in this article we’re going to tell you about three apps that will allow you to watch any Netflix content you want together with your friends, family or partner without leaving your home.

With Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension designed to stream Netflix movies and series simultaneously and in synchronisation on multiple accounts at once. It also has an integrated chat, perfect for commenting on the movie the way we would if physically together. It’s simple to set up. You need to install the plugin, connect to your Netflix account and share the link with whoever you want. You can download it here:

Of course, this service will only work under the following circumstances:

  • All participants need to have Netflix subscriptions, even within a shared account.
  • All participants must use Google Chrome as the extension only works with this browser
  • All participants need to have downloaded Netflix Party
  • Everyone is connected to the internet

With Kast

Kast is a very useful service that can be used for multiple programs, not just Netflix. It allows you to share anything on your screen be it Amazon Prime, YouTube or Disney+. The only downside to Kast is that it is a paid service, to which you can subscribe for approximately 4.99$ per month.

To use Kast, first download it from the link above (or use the web version if you prefer) and create an account. Then click Create Party to create the group with whom you want to share Netflix and select Start Streaming to start sharing your screen.

With Rave

Similar to Kast, Rave is not limited to Netflix and enables shared streaming from other platforms such as YouTube. Unlike Kast though, it can be used from a smartphone and its integrated chat function includes the possibility to send audio notes so that you can communicate without interrupting the on-screen viewing experience.

With Rave you can also watch videos saved in cloud services like Drive or Dropbox. Rave is not only limited to video content either, perhaps the best feature of all is the possibility of listening to music with friends (or even doing karaoke!) and also sharing virtual reality content.
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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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