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I am trying to run some applications on Ubuntu such as Emesene and Ubuntu-tweak but nothing happens, what can be the problem??


Try reinstalling emesene via a terminal:

sudo dpkg - purge emesene
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude safe-upgrade
sudo aptitude install emesene

If the problem persists creates another user, for example toto:

sudo adduser toto

Run your graphical session in toto and tell me if the problem persists. If emesene begins to run is probably your current emesene account is flawed and must be deleted to recreate its own (which will force you to reconfigure emesene).
I think this is the directory ~ /. Emesene (ie / home / mando / .emesene if your login is mando). To transfer:

rm-rf ~ /. emesene

Alternatively, use another client msn, pidgin for example, empathy, mercury or kopete.

sudo aptitude install pidgin
pidgin &

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