How To Display Your Mobile on Your PC

Displaying your mobile phone on your personal computer can come in handy if you need to view content on a larger screen. There are a few useful apps we'll recommend that will help you connect your smartphone to your computer screen.

View Your Mobile Phone Screen on Your PC

Screen Mirror

Screen Mirror is an Android app that allows you to display your mobile phone's screen on your PC quickly and easily. First, download the app here. Then go to the Screen Mirror site on your PC.

Once downloaded, just open the app on your cell phone and press the red button that appears on the lower right side of the screen. Finally, scan the QR code that appears on your computer screen to establish the connection.

Once your mobile is connected to your PC, you will notice that there is a slight delay between the image that appears on your smartphone and the one shown on your PC's monitor. This app only displays your phone on the screen, so you must use your cell phone to control any actions you want to carry out.

N.B.: Your PC and cellphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


ApowerMirror is the best app for connecting your phone (Android or iPhone) to the computer (PC or Mac) screen. To get started, download the app to both your phone and computer. You can find the Android app here and the iOS version here. The version for your computer can be found here.

Once downloaded, open the app on your mobile phone and select the M icon located in the bottom menu bar. Next, wait for the app to locate your computer and click on the corresponding line to initiate the connection. Once you've completed this step, your phone's screen will automatically connect to the computer. ApowerMirror is more robust than other similar apps and in addition to viewing the phone's screen on the computer monitor, it also allows you to take screenshots and record screen sessions.

Furthermore, it also allows you to control your phone from the computer. However, to do this you must connect both devices via USB cable. ApowerMirror is free, but you can upgrade to the paid version for additional features .

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