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WhatsApp: Convert Voice Messages into Text

Perhaps you've received a WhatsApp voice message before, but were unable to listen to it at the time. This happens quite often, but you'll be glad to know that you can convert WhatsApp Voice Messages into text in a few seconds with a simple app. They're available for both Android and iOS devices, and in this guide we'll fill you in on how to convert your messages.

Read Voicemails on WhatsApp

As mentioned above, there's a few apps that allows you to easily convert your WhatsApp voice messages to text. While they're not always 100% accurate, they come very close and provide a reliable readout.

Convert WhatsApp Voice Message on Android

If you're an Android user, there are several apps you can use to convert your messages. We recommend checking out Speechless, Textr, or Transcriber for WhatsApp. These apps are very similar and allow you to transcribe voice messages into text and also allow you to share or forward the transcript.

Convert WhatsApp Voice Message on iOS

If you have an iPhone, we recommend checking out Textify. It works similar to the previously mentioned Android Apps and costs $1.99 in the App store.

Listen to WhatsApp Messages Discreetly

While voice messages allow you to communicate faster, if you're in a crowded place it can be a challenge to listen discretely without headphones. However, you can also keep the volume lower and hold the speaker on you phone directly to your ear.

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