Excel - Comparing results/scores


I want to compare possible GPA and LSAT scores to Minimum Acceptance GPA and LSAT scores. I've tried using IF and AND functions, but I can't seem to get it right.

Output Example:

GPA: 2.71
LSAT Score: 148

University of Alabama 3.3 160 No
University of Memphis 3.1 151 No
Harvard School of Law 4.0 180 No
Matchbool School of Law 1.0 50 Yes



  • 1. student GPA is in cell B2 and LSAT is in cell C2
  • 2. universities required GPA is starts at B3 and down
  • 3. universities required LSAT is in cell C3 and down
  • 4. decision for each university is to be shown in cell d3 and down
  • 5. For "yes" decision, the user GPA and LSAT both must be greater or equal to university requirement

Write this in cell d3 and then copy down:

=IF( AND(B$2 >= B3, C$2 >= C3), "YES", "NO")


Thanks to rizvisa1 for this tip on the forum.

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