The Best Free Programs to Control a PC Remotely

Many companies include remote access on their PCs so that employees may access their workstations while out of office. While these are useful for work, they are also useful for personal use. Fortunately there are several free solutions to access the computer remotely. In this article, we'll recommend five programs you can use to work remotely.


TeamViewer is the most popular remote access tool on the market today. This software is primarily used for remote technical assistance, although it can also be used to send and receive files or hold meetings. TeamViewer uses technology that leverages public and private access keys and AES cryptography, to shield security in the interaction between computers. Once downloaded, simply log in with a username and password to get started. This program offers free and paid versions.

You can find out more about TeamViewer and download it here.


AnyDesk is similar to TeamViewer. It's especially useful for remote access to your computer. Further, this software includes several additional tools that allow you to adjust the sound and keyboard settings on your computer. It also allows you to navigate between folders and files. One of the best features is its security system: AnyDesk has TLS 1.2 banking technology, with asymmetric RSA 2048 cryptography to protect each connection. This program is compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

You can download AnyDesk for PC here.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a free extension used to access other computers remotely from the Chrome browser, or any Chromebook. To get started, you just have to add the extension on both devices and use an access code that's automatically generated at each login. This software is often used for technical support, but it's also for longer meetings, as well as to consult files and use applications. It is important to note that Chrome Remote Desktop sessions leverage Google's security system and is compatible with various systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

You can download it here.


Splashtop is not as well known as the previously mentioned programs. Still, it is handy for professionals who need access to their computers or shared devices from another device. Splashtop stands out because it allows you to connect to computers and mobile devices without having to install a program. The free version of Splashtop is only available for personal use, so you can only use your local WiFi network to access other computers.

Click here to download Splashtop.


Aspia is an entirely free open-source program used to access a computer workspace in real-time remotely. With this software, you can transfer and save files on both your local and remote devices. Aspia uses a vast catalog of addresses to obtain remote assistance and create groups of computers or devices for a fast connection. It also uses a highly secure encryption method to keep your information safe. You can download it for Windows here.

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