Excel - Add data to new row each time data is entered

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I've created a VBA form to enter dad like Names, numbers, date, time etc. Each time the form is run and data is entered it should be added to new row. The data entered is never duplicate so there is no need to verify that. But adding data to the next new row is my problem. I want the first 4rows of sheet to be headed row and so my dad should get added from 5th row. How do I do this?


Having not seen how you are doing it. All I can suggest is that find the last used row and add one to it. If the result if 4 or less then make it 5

If col A will always have data then you can use this to find last row

lastrow = cells(65536,1).end)xlup).row 

lastrow = lastrow + 1 

if lastrow < 5 then lastrow = 5


Thanks to rizvisa1 for this tip on the forum.

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