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I have had my router for a while now and it has been working fine. I just discovered something wrong with it though. I tried to get on safari from my iPod touch, but it doesn't work. I went to my router's homepage from my touch and right now the internet status says connected, but I've had this problem before because even though it says it is connected, its not. I always change my connection type to PPPoE and that usually seemed to work. Now, when I change it my internet status changes to not connect and it doesn't work. My router's lights are lit up on wireless, internet, and modem and I don't have security in it anymore. I can't do anything with the router anymore and I really need help I have no idea what else to do so please help!!!

Try MAC address filtering?

  • Find the MAC address of your iPod (use an Ethernet cable to connect it to your computer and go to the Network settings dialog, it's been so long since I used XP that I've forgotten how to get it)
  • Go to your router's online settings (Your gateway address gets you there in a web-browser) and select MAC Address Filtering
  • Insert the MAC address of EVERYTHING connecting to the internet on your router and hit "Apply Changes".
  • Use the Restart MODEM utility
  • Complain if it doesn't work (hopefully you don't need this step)

There are 3 common ways to find Mac addresses

  • 1. MAC address maybe printed on the computer, device, network card, manual, or original packaging.
  • 2. MAC address often is displayed from software on the computer or on the device. This may require a bit of effort. Sorry I won't elaborate more here.
  • 3. MAC address can be found from the software on the router. I prefer this way.

To find the MAC address on the Belkin router:

-Logon to your Belkin router setup utility.

-Select MAC Address Filtering.
-Set Enable MAC Address Filtering to Disabled
-Click Apply Changes on the bottom of the MAC Address Filtering page
-Connect your wireless device (using the wireless connection) to the router.
-Select DHCP Client Listing.

This page shows the MAC address of each computer and device that is connected to your network.
Write down the MAC address of your computer or device.

-Select MAC Address Filtering.
  • Enter the MAC address of your computer or device displayed in the previous step.
  • Set Enable MAC Address Filtering to Enabled
  • Click Apply Changes button on the bottom of the MAC Address Filtering page.


Thanks to anon for this tip on the forum.

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