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Excel is generally used to get calculations in a specific order. User with large amounts of data would need formulas to use Excel as efficiently as possible. Sometimes a user may find it difficult to copy a Comment Text into a cell text. A personalized function can be created in Excel by using a particular formula. The user can instantly copy the available comment in the first cell sheet. There are various cell sheets where an individual can copy a large amount of data.


I can't find the formula on how to copy a "Comment Text" into the "Cell Text" in another sheet.


You can create a personalized macro function:

Function CopyComment(cel As Range)   
        CopyComment = cel.Comment.text   
End Function

If you want to copy the comment of the cell sheet1 A1 in to cell sheet2 B2, you can do it by using this new function.

The formula in sheet2 B2 will be:



Thanks to aquarelle for this tip on the forum.
Jean-François Pillou

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