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The Best Sims 4 Add Ons

The Sims 4 is arguably the most complete edition of the entire Sims saga. Since its launch in 2014, its creators have added a multitude of expansion packs which give you the possibility to enrich your playing experience in this virtual world. Because there are so many possible expansion packs, it’s easy to get lost! In this article we will explain which Add Ons are the most interesting and worth your time!

Types of Packs

The Sims 4 has three kinds of packs to increase the base content of the game: accessory packs, content packs and expansion packs.

Accessory Packs

These small packs come with items to buy or build with and are generally quite limited in the sense that they do not increase gameplay. Examples: Glamorous Party, Divine Cuisine or Laundry Day.

Content Packs

These packs are somewhat more extensive and like the anteroom of the expansions. They contain elements that you can use to create new gameplay. Examples: Camping or Parenthood.

Expansion Packs

These packs are the major add-on type and include lots of gameplay and new items. Examples: City Living, Get Together and Get To Work!

Best Add Ons for The Sims 4

Get Together

  • Pack type: Expansion
  • What's included: Winderburg city, clubs, discos, cafes, swimming pools etc... Among the new skills, you will find Dance and Musical Mixes.
  • Why it's worth it: What stands out most in this expansion, in addition to the possibility of going to discos, are the hobby clubs, where you can attend or create your own, even choosing the dress code and organising competitions against other clubs. Get Together will allow you to meet other Sims with the same tastes as you. Also you will be enchanted by the gothic-style city Winderbug, with its ruins and ancient buildings.

Cats and Dogs

  • Pack type: Expansion
  • What’s included: pets like cats and dogs, but also wild animals like raccoons and foxes. The city of Brindleton Bay and the Veterinary career.
  • Why it’s worth it: being an animal lover is usually a sufficient reason to get this type of pack, but it is also that Cats and Dogs contain numerous options to interact with your pets: they get sick, you can disguise them and groom them! In addition, it includes numerous accessories so that you never stop playing with them, educating them, etc.

City Living

  • Pack type: Expansion
  • What is included: The cosmopolitan city of San Myshuno. Festivals and the singing ability. The professions of Politician, critic and manager of social networks.
  • Why it's worth it: City Living is a very complete extension, with many details and rich in content. The city is divided into districts full of futuristic buildings reminiscent of Japan, it really differs from the usual neighbourhoods. In addition, life in San Myshuno is lively and full of life, with continuous festivals and cultural events. City Living is one of the Sims lovers' favourites.


  • Pack type: Expansion
  • What it includes: seasons of the year and its associated weather phenomena, religious and cultural festivities, the possibility of dying due to the weather, adapted clothing etc.
  • Why it is worth it: while this pack doesn't take you to a new place to discover, it does however enrich the experience wherever you are and brings realism. In Seasons the changes in temperature, light, meteorology, etc. will invariably affect your Sims. The Sims fandom loves Seasons.


  • Pack type: Content
  • What is included: Objects and clothing for children and parents. The ability of "Parental Aptitude" allows you to interact with your offspring.
  • Why it's worth it: If you have a paternal or maternal instinct, this pack will be more than interesting. If not, keep in mind that by using your skills, you will be able to influence the way the little Sims develop and become adults. If you are especially interested in the Live mode you will love this pack.


  • Pack type: Content
  • What it includes: items such as clothes, hairstyles, fangs and makeup to become a vampire. There is the new forgotten Hollow town, new sinister furniture and skills like controlling minds.
  • Why it's worth it: the pack gives you the option to customise your Sims and play with their vampire personality. At the same time, by using it, you can alternate between your bloodsucking and human form, having to adapt your routines to your new form. The good news is that you will have new skills like overpowering other Sims' minds and hallucinating them. And the graphics in this package are great.


  • Pack type: Content
  • What it includes: the natural area of Granite Falls, and numerous objects and clothing for outdoor life and skills such as herbal medicine, etc.
  • Why it's worth it: If you are fed up with city life, this pack will help you breathe some virtual fresh air and nature. With this pack you can walk through the forest, gaze at the stars, make fires... perfect for explorers.

Additional Information

Finally, we remind you that, in addition to the extensions, you also have the possibility of installing mods and activating different cheats to enrich your experience, as we explain here.

And don’t forget that with the free New Sims 4 app you can upgrade from the previous version of The Sims 4 and improve your gameplay.
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