How to fix Google search results redirecting?

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If Google search results are redirecting to a random internet advertisement site instead of the actual page, the problem may be related to an entry in the registry. Anti-spywares such as Adware or MalwareBytes may not prove useful in solving the issue. The only way to solve the problem is to remove the bad values in the registry of the computer. To remove the bad values, kungsfaswwqlmq.sys and tdssserv.sys, from the registry for the key ACMru, either the key can be deleted or the values can be erased. There is a script available for free to make the necessary changes in the registry so that Google search results do not redirect to ad sites.
I am using Windows XP and Mozilla Firebird as browser with the NoScript add-on<<<the add-on just helped me with the issue until I get it fixed.

It also affects all users' names on computer.

If you are being redirected to random ad sites then this is the fix that I got after 3 days. Have tried AdWare, S&D, MalWareBytes, SmitFraudFix, 7770Finder, ESET NOD32, CCleaner and a few other scrubs and probably a few I can't remember.

HijackThis did nothing and showed nothing as you can see from ppls post above. NOT to say it's not good because in the past it has worked. Just think for one this is new and two its in the registry.

Symptoms: Do a Google search in an actual browser window, NOT THE TOOL BAR %&*$. I would get the results I was looking for with the correct URLs under each result.
Like searched Microsoft and it would come up with addresses from Microsoft like: - 76k or - 44k -

BUT when clicking a link I would usually get the page that it said the first time but when going back to the search results the next link would be some ad site with usually no WWW at the beginning. And this would last for about 4 clicks. That is, by going to the stupid ad site then back to the results four times and then finally getting the page it was supposed to show.

The reason I am giving you this whole speech is because there are a lot of similar ones out there. Here's the fix. I wish I could thank the source I found the solution from but I cannot find the page now. I can remember the guy who found it on his own and his last words were something like "kick the computer, format the drive, tell the landlady she ain't getting money" or something like that.

Never mind where found it; with what I said above about his quote in Google, that now works correctly. Maybe it did not fix his and that's the reason he said it. But it gave me the direction to fix it, after days of trying everything.

So download the TR software: it came up with this registry key with the Kungs...thing.


Here's the key it came up with:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru\5603 

And the values that were bad:
kungsfaswwqlmq.sys and tdssserv.sys

Now two different ways to do this, you can either delete the key or just he values. "Delete the key. To prevent keeping a history altogether, right click ACMru/Permissions/Deny all users and groups listed."

This is from another website:
AND even has a script to do the above for you:

I really hope this helps. Honestly could not find this anywhere. I guess it's something new.

Note: Thanks to robertguero for this tip on the forum.
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