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Vistalizator - Change Vista Language

Vistalizator is a free software package available online that can be used to change the language of the Windows Vista operating system. There are several language packs that can be chosen from, including the English Language Pack. After downloading the language pack compatible with the version of the Windows Vista operating system running on the computer, the Vistalizator setup should be run. When prompted for the exe file, the downloaded language pack has to be entered. It may take a few seconds to install and load the Language chosen before the computer can be restarted for the changed language settings to take effect on the Vista operating system.


There is a software package on the internet that helps you change the language of your Vista. It is called 'Vistalizator'. I have used it and it works for me.


Open the following link:


How to use Vistalizator?

  • 1. Click on Vistalizator on the first line of the text to download the software.
  • 2. You need to download the English language pack (MUI) from the links that follow (where you have 'Download MUI language pack(s)': http://www.froggie.sk/lp32sp1.html
  • 3. Click on the link that shows your computer specifications in the list displayed like this:

(for 32-bit Vista RTM (without a SP)
for 32-bit Vista SP1
for 32-bit Vista SP2
for 64-bit Vista RTM (without a SP)
for 64-bit Vista SP1
for 64-bit Vista SP2

(Note: to know your computer specifications, go to Start>>Computer. Right-click on 'Computer' and take 'Properties'. This should display your computer properties and you will find the specifications here).
  • 4. When you click on the link that matches your specifications (e.g. 32-bit Vista SP1), a new page will open with different languages. This is where you download the language pack.
  • 5. Since you want English, click on English to download the English language pack.
  • 6. Now you should have the Vistalizator and the English Language Pack downloaded and saved.
  • 7. Double-click on the Vistalizator set-up you first downloaded. This should open a window with a command that says 'Add Language'.
  • 8. Click on 'Add language' and it will warrant you to select the .exe file (which in this case is the English language pack that you downloaded).
  • 9. Locate the language pack where you saved it and select it.
  • 10. Click on Open to add the English language in the list of language(s) you have in Vistalizator.
  • 11. Then select English Language from the language list and click on 'Change Language'.
  • 12. Give it some time to load the English.
  • 13. Follow any other instructions on screen and at the end of everything, restart your computer. Everything should now be in English.

Like I said, it worked for me and people I have sent it to. I hope it works for you too.


Thanks to Gabs for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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