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EBCD - Reset Windows passwords

EBCD is the software which needs to be downloaded for resetting an account password for Windows, be it an administrator account or a normal user account. The Emergency Boot CD is an ISO capable of booting into the menu easily and working flawlessly in the Windows XP, 2000 and 2000 server machines. It is required to select defaults for file location after selecting the 'password reset' option. Using the '*' option will blank out the old password, allowing the user to login without any password and changing the same as desired. Once '*' sign is used, there are few further chances of re-encrypting Windows, if any.

If you forget your Windows account password (Administrator or other user accounts), you don't have to worry - there's a way to reset it.

Download EBCD. (Emergency Boot CD)

It's an ISO that basically has a Linux flavor to it, but it boots straight into an easy-to-use menu.
You just select the Windows password reset option, select the defaults for file locations, and then select the user and the password to change.
I've used it on Windows 2000 machines, Windows XP machines and Windows 2000 Server machines. Works flawlessly.
One recommendation: If you do use it, just use * as the new password. This will blank out the old password. Then you can boot into Windows and safely login with no password and change it to whatever you like. Sometimes these utilities have issues with different flavors of Windows re-encrypting a new password so it's best to just blank it out.

You will need to take the ISO file and use CD burner software to burn a CD.
You must use the "burn a CD from a Disk Image" (or a similar option) that uses the Image file (ISO file) as input and burns a multi-file bootable CD.

Thanks to xpcman for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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