IE - Stack overflow at line: 0

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When browsing the internet using the Internet Explorer web browser errors can sometimes occur. Not all errors are due to problems in Internet Explorer. One example is the Internet Explorer stack overflow error. This error is not related to the computer system or Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer stack overflow error is a fairly common JavaScript error of the web page visited. It can only be corrected by the webmaster or administrator of the website hosting the web page. Usually there is a link on the webpage to report such errors.

IE - Stack overflow at line: 0

When you browse certain sites, Microsoft Internet Explorer displays the following error:

Stack overflow at line: 0


The problem does not come from your computer or your browser, and is not a virus. it is simply a JavaScript error related to the site you are visiting. Only the site owner can correct this error. You can contact them to notify them of this error.

To disable the display of this error in Internet Explorer, read this tip.


Some users have noticed that this could come from Java. Try to install the latest version of Java Runtime Environment.

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