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Install dictionaries under Opera


After installing Opera (10.50), the spell checker uses a default dictionary (in English)

Accessing this feature

  • To get to "spellcheck dictionaries" it will be required to:
  • Go to a site where you can enter text
  • Enter a false sentence.
  • Click the right button mouse on the word underlined in red.
  • Now click on dictionaries (or elements) and then click Add/Remove dictionaries.

Installation and use of dictionaries

When you're on "spell check dictionaries, you can uninstall/install other dictionaries. To do:
  • (1) Check the dictionary you want to install and click Next.
  • (2) Wait for completion of the download.
  • (3) Accept the license.
  • (4) Choose your default dictionary.
  • (5) Click the Finish button.
  • (6) Result: A correction (in our example in French) that corrects most spelling mistakes.

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