Home Theater 5.1 or 2.1?

A Home theater 5.1 consists of four speakers and one subwoofer while a 2.1 sound system consists of two speakers and a subwoofer. A home theatre 5.1 provides a 3-Dimensional sound experience. The sound is distributed to the four corners of the room for better sound immersion while the woofer emits low bass sounds. A Home theater 5.1 system does not affect the sound quality in any way but has a marked difference in the sound output from the hardware. The decision to purchase a home theatre is a completely personal one as 5.1 Home theatre systems are more expensive than 2.1 systems. However, the higher cost does not guarantee a better experience and the consumer must make an informed decision when choosing between a Home Theatre 5.1, 7.1 or 2.1

Home Theater 5.1 or 2.1?

5.1 and 2.1 what does that mean?

The digit before the point is the name of the speaker installation. For example, for a 5.1 Home Theater, there will be 5 speakers. The number after the point gives information on the number of subwoofers, so a 2.1 will come with single a subwoofer.

The advantage of having a 5.1, is to have a rendered 3-dimensional sound. The sound will be distributed to the four corners of the room for optimal immersion. Owning a subwoofer you emit better low sounds (basses). A 5.1 home theater is generally more expensive than a 2.1, but you should be aware that even some 5.1 home theaters may perform poorly.

So remember that the 5.1 does not affect the sound quality but only the sound output!

The 5.1

5.1 is an installation consisting of:

- A front speaker centered
- A right front speaker
- A left front speaker
- A Left rear speaker
- A right rear speaker
- A subwoofer


2.1 is an installation consisting of:

- A right front speaker
- A left front speaker
- A subwoofer

But also


There is a model that offers a 2.2, this facility contains two speakers and two subwoofers for stereo rendering basses.


There is also the 7.1. These are very expensive and require a compatible sound card, but the quality is exceptional.
This adds two speakers to a 5.1 setup (one left and one right)


2.0 is the most common installation. These speakers ate integrated in the PC screen, the PSP, the TV, etc...
It is often refered to as the "Stereo" mode


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