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Automation of running excel macros

I have a macro in excel which needs to be run once a day and I don't even want to open the excel sheet. How can I make this process automatic?

I saw some information, but I'm not understand

Add the macro code to excel open event
You can open an excel file and make it to run twice a day
by creating a new task and adding its path to "Scheduled Tasks" within double quotes under (Start>>Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools)

what is "excel open event" ?

Ok two things.
  • 1. Excel cannot by its own fire up and start execution of code. For that you need some thing else that is running to start excel. What you have read is suggesting to use ""Scheduled Tasks" to do that.
  • 2. Once the excel open up, macro can be embedded in excel to immediately fire up. This is triggered by an event called "open". Basically it is sub routine named "Auto_Open"

Sub Auto_Open() 
... <code goes here> 
End sub

Thanks to rizvisa1 for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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