Sony Ericsson - Enable/disable USB charging

Gone are the days when mobile chargers had to be carried around all the time to keep the phone charged up completely. Now, telephony innovation has taken convenience to a new level. Phones can be charged via a USB cable that comes with the phone. The cable needs to be connected to the PC or the laptop and with that, the phone is ready for charging.Sony Ericsson phones come with USB charging facilities and one can disable this facility too, depending on whether you need it, via the USB charging menu that can be accessed through the service menu of the Sony Ericsson phone.
Some Sony Ericsson mobile phones support USB charging. This means you can charge your phone by plugging it into your computer

You can enable or disable this feature by following these instructions:

  • Access the service menu (by pressing >*<<*<*)
  • You will then see the option "USB charging"
  • Here you can turn the feature on and off
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