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CCM - How to insert an image in the FAQ?

Inserting screenshots can help to understand an explanation. Here's the process to improve the tips on CCM (FAQ)

  • your image have to be a .png, .jpg or .gif format.
  • It will be recorded in a PNG format, on CCM's servers.
  • By default, it will be inserted in the article aligned on the right and limited to a size of 500 pixels. This article explains how to modify these values.

There are two methods to insert an image.
  • From your hard drive.
  • URL of an image file (stored online).
In your article, click where you to insert your image.
Click on the button "Browse" to select your image, then click on the button "Load":

That loads the image and automatically insert your image in the article

In your article, click where you want to insert your image and follow the below format
Image: followed by the image's url, between brackets [ ] as shown in the below image

It will be post in its original size.

You can limit the size by adding it between the pipe symbol "| |", at the end of the URL.
For example, if we want to limit it to 128px then it can be done as shown in the below image

The pixel size is entered between a symbol called "Pipe". You can see the below image showing the Pipe key.

You need to hold the "Shift" key and then press the above key on your keyboard for the pipe symbol.
Mostly you can find the "Pipe" key above the "Enter" key. By default, the image is right aligned (value |right| at the end of the balise):
  • To align it on the left, you have to replace the word right with left as shown below
  • To center it, as shown above replace it with the wordcentre
Images higher than 500 pixels will be automaticaly resized at 500 pixels.
To be able to view these images on their original format, you have to modify your links:

After loading your image, you have this:
[Image: http://static.commentcamarche.net/www.commentcamarche.net/pictures/zUtD2iXG-monimage-s-.png|500px|right]

To make a link on your image:
  • copy the image's URL (from http to .png)
  • add the symbol [ at the beginning of the line (Alt Gr+5)
  • paste the URL after the symbol [, and delete the -s-,
  • Add one more ] at the end of the tag (Alt Gr+°).

To obtain :
[http://static.commentcamarche.net/www.commentcamarche.net/pictures/zUtD2iXG-monimage.png [Image: http://static.commentcamarche.net/www.commentcamarche.net/pictures/zUtD2iXG-monimage-s-.png|500px|right]] You may have noticed that most of tips are illustrated with images.
  • Be careful of using images you have rights or authors have given them.
  • The easiest way is to use images licensed CreativeCommons (cc), licence compatible with that one of en.ccm.
    • You just have to go on http://search.creativecommons.org/, Tab "Flickr" and to use keywords (for example «hard» or «harddrive» for images of hard disks, «USB»/«USB disk»,«Flashdisk» for USB keys, «lock» for images of locks, etc.).
    • You can also use http://www.compfight.com/, thinking to check the «Only Search Creative Commons».

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