Windows 7 - to limit the use of a PC on certain accounts

April 2018

Putting a limit [days and hours] on certain accounts (Visitors)

In Windows 7 it is possible not only to limit the rights of a user, but it is also possible to program (set) set when users can connect and make use of the system.

This application is practical for the family and even for a company wishing to block the use of the PC during certain hours and days specified.

Be careful not to apply this on an Administrator account, because you will be able to used the PC only during the scheduled time.

You can implement it via the User Account (in Control Panel)

- Connect as the system administrator.
- Go into the Control Panel.
- Then click on Parental Controls.

- The account must be activated and a password inserted if any user can make changes in the restricted hours.
- Click on hourly limit.
- Set the hours and days.
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