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How to Stop Saving WhatsApp Media to Your Phone's Memory

WhatsApp is one of the apps that take up the most storage space on our smartphones. You might receive a lot of photos and videos in WhatsApp, especially if you are a member of very active group chats. Some of these multimedia files are automatically downloaded to the phone library. Blocking WhatsApp's automatic saving of photos and videos would save a lot of storage space and overall smartphone power consumption, battery, mobile data connection, etc. In this article, we will show you how to stop saving WhatsApp media files to your phone’s memory automatically.

How to Stop Saving Media from WhatsApp to Your Android Phone Memory

If you don't want to automatically save your WhatsApp media files to your Android phone library, follow a few simple steps.

Firstly, open WhatsApp on your smartphone and select the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Go to Settings, then choose Data and storage usage. On the screen that appears, under the Media Auto-Download section, click each of the three options: When using mobile data, When connected on Wi-Fi, When roaming and in the new menu select which files to enable for automatic download. In order not to save any file, uncheck each box.

Of course, if you want some files to be saved automatically, for example, documents for work purposes, check the corresponding documents box. This also applies if you want to automatically save WhatsApp photos and videos to your phone again.

How to Stop Saving Media from WhatsApp to Your iPhone Library

For owners of smartphones or tablets with the iOS operating system, the procedure is similar to the previous one. You will need to open the WhatsApp app again, go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage and then in the Media Auto-Download section, go to each category (Photos, Audio, Videos, Documents) and select Never or choose only Wi-Fi option without Cellular.

On both iPhone and Android you will still be able to save the files you received by clicking on the photo or video you are interested in.

How to Stop Saving Files Received in Private or Group Chats

On Android

To have more control and thus prevent media files from being saved, whether they come from individual chats or groups, you can disable Media Visibility on your Android phone. For private chats, this option can be enabled or disabled by going to Settings > Chat > Media Visibility. For groups, go to Settings > Show Contact (or Group Info) > Media Visibility. Answer No to the question «Do you want to show newly downloaded media from this chat in your phone’s gallery».

On iPhone

On iPhone you can also stop saving photos in group or private chats. To do so, you need to open the chat (group or private) and click on the Group or Contact Info. Select Save to Camera Roll section and choose Never.

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