Excel - How to count rows which show specified date?


I have a spreadsheet which shows the date a specific action was started in each row. I need to be able to count how many actions (rows) were started each week, but I have no idea how to manage this, I thought it would be COUNTIF, but none of the formulas I have tried worked.

Added to this - if I can ever sort it out.

I also need to count which actions (rows) were completed between specified dates


In my region excel dates are entered as m/d/yy and not as you entered.
your data is like this

date recd query date resolved wk num recd wk num reslvd
5/12/2009 a 7/27/2009 20 31
7/23/2009 s 7/27/2009 30 31
7/25/2009 d 7/31/2009 30 31
7/27/2009 f 7/28/2009 31 31
7/28/2009 g 7/29/2009 31 31
7/28/2009 h 7/29/2009 31 31
7/31/2009 k 8/10/2009 31 33

the formula in d2 is

copy D2 down
formula in E2 is

copy E2 down

now see the results

this from cell A9
rel dates recd same wk wk 30 to 31
7/27-7/31 4 3 2

in B10 the formula is

in C10 the formula is

in D10 the formula is


Thanks to venkat1926 for this tip on the forum.
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