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April 2018

Positioning your website on the Internet is not a difficult process. For now, the search engine that is most populated by the users is Google.

Maximize links

The first thing that must be done to position your website is to be able to maximize the number of links that points to it. The purpose of that is your website will be referenced on a number of online websites and when one will make a search about the key words (found in the meta tags inserted in the web document of your site), the search engine will automatically redirect the searches to your webpage/website.

Use the right title

Using the right title is a clever way to redirect and precise the searches done through a search engine. I will strongly suggest you to pick a new title for each of your pages. This way, it will help to always send the user directly to the desired page.

A simple process of doing this is to insert the title between the title tag of your HTML document.

Example :
<title>What criteria does Google need to find your website online</title>

Note: always pick at least 10 relevant key words that will best reflect the contents of your website/ webpage.

Your page contents

The way you display your contents in your webpage is really important. For example, if you have displayed your text in an image, the search engine will not find the text that has been inserted in the image as the search engine is mostly text-based. Even when you insert the image, it is suggested that you add a small description to it (captions) for them to be relevant enough in the search for images. If your website is made up of many text images, I would suggest you to solve this issue by putting as many key words as possible in your meta tags (described in detail in a further section of this article).

Your text hierarchy

Using header tags is not only to alter the size of the characters in your page or to section it. It is much used to classify the order of importance of your contents and hence to reveal during a web search the keywords of a section.

<h1> What you need to put forward during a Google search</h1>

Meta Tags

Meta tags are very important. They are those keywords that help the search engine to locate the webpage and best describe the website to the users.
To better make use of this feature, describe in detail what your website is about and what type of contents it will hold. Do not make a whole literature. At least 10-20 words will be enough, just choose the best ones for the description.


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html" />
<meta name="keywords" content="Google, search engine, Kioskea,links, contents, title, optimization " />

Webmaster Tools

Google has a special feature for webmasters to be able to view how the site appears in Google's search results. This feature even allows you to search through the problems that prevent your site from getting on top of the list of searches and give you tips on how to optimize the traffic.
Link: http://www.google.com/...

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