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How to Read Articles and News on Kindle

Kindle, the e-book, has become one of Amazon's flagship products and now allows you to read articles and news on the same device as well. Read on to discover how to read articles and news on Kindle and make the most out of your device.

The procedure described below also works for the Kindle application for mobile phones and tablets. All the content you have on your Kindle e-book will also appear in your application, however, you can choose to download only the app without having to buy the e-book. Here's how to use the Kindle app.

Newspapers on the Kindle Store

Many publishing houses have created a Kindle version of their online newspaper editions. They are accessible through the Kindle store search engine. Type in the name of the media and if it appears among the search results you will be able to see the different reading options. Often, these newspapers offer you the possibility to buy the daily publication or to subscribe to receive their news with a certain periodicity. Some media offer a free trial period too.

Search on the Built-in Experimental Browser

The latest Kindle versions that have a wi-fi internet connection also include an experimental browser that you can access from the home page of your Kindle by clicking on the top menu (three dots). Once opened, you can enter the web address of the newspaper you are interested in and read its articles there. However, as the name says, the browser is experimental and it can sometimes bug when uploading certain web pages.

Get News in Kindle with Calibre

Calibre is the reference tool for e-book enthusiasts. It offers multiple options, including scheduled downloads of content from specific pages on a regular basis. This is where you can set up your Calibre account to send news feeds from the media you are interested in automatically to your Kindle.

Download it here and install Calibre on your computer. On the home page click on the Connect and Share button and choose Set up email book exchange, then enter your Kindle email address.

A little further down we explain how to find out your Kindle email address.

How to Set up Newsfeed and Scheduled News Download

In the upper menu of the Calibre window, there is a button with the option Fetch News. There is a lot of media that can already be found within Calibre and you can find it classified by language. Then you can choose whether you want to Schedule News Download or Add or edit a custom news source.

A new window will open where you can customize the frequency of receiving the news and add the web address of the feed or RSS of the media.

You can also set the time you want the news feeds to be deleted, by default it will be 60 days but you can change this.

To save the changes, click on Save. You will receive the news at the scheduled time and days.

How to Download Articles

The following steps will help you read items already stored on your computer or cell phone in your Kindle.

These must be in Kindle-compatible formats: MOBI, PDF, TXT, AZW3, AZW, PRC, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, or BMP. The device is not compatible with ePUB, unlike other ebooks. To convert files to Kindle-compatible formats we recommend the Calibre application.

If you want to save a piece of news or report in .pdf format to send it to your Kindle, right-click on the web page where you have the text open, then select print > save as PDF.

How to Send Files From Your Computer with Send to Kindle

Amazon has a service to make it easy for you to send files from your computer to the Kindle. It's called Send to Kindle, is very easy to use and is available for download here for PC and here for MAC.

Once downloaded and installed, this tool will appear every time you right-click on a file.

To send a file from your computer to Kindle, click on a document and choose Send to Kindle tab in the bottom of the drop-down menu.

You can also drag a file directly onto the Send to Kindle program icon that will appear on your computer menu.

What Is My Kindle Email

Your Kindle device has a matching email address to which you can send files and they appear in your e-book. To find out what your Kindle email address is, go to Amazon and sign-in to your account. Go to Account & Lists > Manage content and devices > Preferences. Scroll down to Personal Document Settings. Here you will see your email address linked to your Kindle device.

==How to Save Articles Online in Kindle=

There are several applications that can be used to send certain web content to your Kindle, such as news from an online newspaper.

Instapaper App

Instapaper has a free and a paid version that gives you more possibilities. To use it, start by creating a free account with your e-mail address. Then go to your account settings and fill in your Kindle email address. In the previous section, we explained how to check your Kindle email address.

Instapaper works like a personal library where you can store links to all the content that interests you, whether it's news, songs, or social networking posts. To save a news item or article in Instapaper, right-click on the Add Link button above and copy the link in question.

Once the saved article appears in your library, you'll see a button under the title with an arrow that allows you to share by email either with your regular mail or to your Kindle mail so that it appears on your device.

Instapaper is available as a web version for computers or as an application that you can download here for Android or here for iOS.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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