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An 'unmountable boot volume' error message may hinder the booting of Windows XP. It does not mean that the hard disk is defective. It probably is a simple boot sequence problem in the hard disk. It is required to use the Windows XP installation CD to tackle this problem. After inserting the CD in the computer and changing the bootsequence, it is required to restart the computer. Then the user must choose the option of using the CD ROM drive as the first boot device. Once the reinstallation files are copied the 'R' key must be pressed to solve the problem. This will open the Windows Recovery Console allowing the user to make the necessary changes.


When booting up Windows XP, you receive the following error message:

 Unmountable Boot Volume

This message does not necessarily mean that the hard disk is defective: it may simply be a problem in the boot sequence of the disk.


To tackle this problem, simply insert the Windows XP installation CD and restart your computer but don't forget to change the boot sequence (select the first boot device as CD ROM drive)
  • Learn more about changing boot sequence: Modifying boot sequence
  • Insert the XP installation CD; restart your PC, using your CD Drive as the First Boot Device.
  • After you copy the Installation Files, Windows will ask you whether you want to Install Windows XP or Repair.
  • Press the R key to select the repair option in order to open the Windows Recovery Console.

  • Type in the following command:

  • After analysis, type in :

  • Then remove the CD and restart your PC. The problem should now be solved.

Note that

In the event where you receive the following error codes:
  • 0x000000ed and 0x00000032 then it's due to corrupted files
  • Performing a chkdsk, should handle the situation.

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