Unable to install Windows XP via BOOTCAMP


Since 5 days I picked the forums to understand why I cannot install Windows XP Service Pack 2 on my MacBook knowing that I have the same problem as most users to know the message Error Disc Press any key to restart etc ... You tell me again that it is a formatting problem etc etc ... The problem is that at no time could it offers me to format my partition Boot Camp!

Let me explain:

- I created my partition with Boot Camp in Leopard (which has been updated for that matter)
- I launched the installation with my Windows CD after my printed installation guide ...
Windows proposed me to choose my partition so I choose C :/.... Boot Camp (FAT 32)
- The installation starts, then at the end, the computer restarts on the Windows CD, and this new message: "Press any key to start the installation program". So I press a key and the previous operation repaired, i.e. the Windows installation files with the choice of the partition, install and reboot with the same message (Hold on ...) and so on. In short, the installation is done and redone in a loop every time!

"I tried not to press a button when viewing the message, and after 3 seconds, it puts me Err. Hard Press any key to restart. I also tried to insert the CD to restart ... Leopard I finally tired it must be the tenth time I try to install Windows, I even reformatted Mac OS X. ..

I said that at no time Windows asks me to format my partition after choosing the C partition :/...( FAT 32)


To solve this:

  • 1 - Follow the same procedure usual, ie: Start BOOTCAMP Leopard, set up your partition (32GB recommended), start the installation.
  • 2 - Early same installation (blue screen and scroll packages installed in the bottom of the screen), the first message: "Press F6 to install SCSI disk, repeatedly press F6 + F10 alternating the two.
  • 3 - Once the last message ( "Press F6 to install SCSI"), continue the installation normally.
  • 4 - A new message "insert disk" and "press S to specify a SCSI disk ( something in the genre), you press ENTER (to continue the install) - In fact for this manipulation info you can access the recovery console (shell) of windows before the module partitioning.
  • 5 - and c ' is where it all happens: You come on a black screen and our famous "c: /". You'll just type this: FORMAT C: / Q / FS: FAT32 - this command, everyone knows it, if not, format c: (formatting the windows partition by default), / q (quick format) / FS : FAT32 (File System Fat32).
  • 6 - Type "O" to confirm
  • 7 - Start the installation normally arrived on the module partitioning not format any partition above. You must return your 32GB partition (a partition of 200MB necessary to bootcamp this is also NOT paying attention). Formerly called "BOOTCAMP" and after our manipulation surely "WINDOWS". You just press ENTER on the windows partition of 32 GB
  • 8 - From there you should be: more message "Err." Disk "press any key ..." nor message "hal.dll" ...
  • 9 - Under Leopard, the score is now called NO NAME, rename it to "WINDOWS"

I hope it will help me :-) I was happy with the manipulation found on another FORUM (unlike the guy formatted NTFS and that it caused a blue screen at me)


  • 1 - Logically command windows "format" is not supposed to affect your other Mac partitions (HFS +) in the same way that your windows partition (only) is necessarily "c:" (attribution of the letter 'c' by default for windows)
  • 2 - If you have your life on your Mac I suggest you all to back ( TimeMachine?) before in doubt.
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