Windows asking what program to open with

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For novice Windows users or for those who do not feel very comfortable in front of a PC, even a minor error message that asks for a program to open a specified file is scary. Ideally users will know what to do to get rid of this Windows error message as soon as possible. At times Windows will ask the user what program to use to open a file. Below is a step-by-step guide detailing how to open the file by selecting the right program. It only requires some changes here and there.

"I dont know how this happened but I just can't open up anything. A window will come up and ask what program I want to open the file with.

This 7-step procedure to solve this issue is quite simple.

1. Open my computer

2. Go to tools, folder options

3. Select "show hidden files"

4. Uncheck "show system files"

5. Go to each drive by right clicking Explore only. DO NOT double click drives.

6. Delete the file with the name "autorun.inf"

7. Restart computer or end task and run explorer.exe through the taskmanager.

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