Playing MGS Disc 2 on emulator/Daemon Tools?

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I am using epsxe 1.7.0 as my PSX emulator. I have the isos of Metal Gear Solid Discs 1 and 2 downloaded. I have beaten Disc 1 (after beating Sniper Wolf) and went down the stairs, which is when I am supposed to put in Disc 2. But I can't load Disc 2, which asks me to load Disc 1 instead. How do I transfer over the data from 1 to 2. Also, I downloaded Daemon Tools and mounted both files, but nothing happens.
Does anyone know a step-by-step approach to resolving this?


I had the same problem with running this game on epsxe.
Here are the steps i did to fix this problem:
  • 1. Save game right after you beat sniper wolf on the memory card.
  • 2. Download psxeven emulator ( and put the bios in and all the plugins ( you might need a controller plugin if you are using a usb controller, i used harakiri, you can download it here
  • 3. Once you have everything configured and set up find the memory card that you saved your mgs save on in the epsxe folder and copy it to the memory card folder inside the psxeven folder ( when you copy it change the end of the name of the memory card from xxxxx.mcr to
  • 4. Go to the advanced configuration in psxeven and select the memory card with the metal gear save.
  • 5. Start disc one with psxeven and go into the hallway then change disc, press start to load disc 2.
  • 6. Once it loads disc two then call mei ling and save the game.
  • 7. Now you can choose to finish playing the rest of the game on psxeven or
  • 8. If you want to go back to using epsxe then just delete the old memory card in epsxe folder and copy and paste the new memory card from the psxeven folder (don't forget to change the back to xxx.mcr) then just load disc two and play.
  • 9. Then this should do it for you. Enjoy!!!


Thanks to pyronoxide for this tip on the forum.

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