MagicJack Uses and Advantages

Using the MagicJack nowadays to make calls will help us saving a lot of money.

How to save money and pay for MagicJack Service with interest earned after one year?

  • 1. The average cost of land line telephone service (AT&T, Cavalier, Qwest, Sprint, or Verizon) with all federal, state, and local taxes and fees is $60.00 per month
  • 2. Deposit $720.00 [12 months of land line payments saved] in an on line account (ING or HSBC linked to you Debit Card Account) earning at least 2.8% interest per year at the time you initiate MagicJack Service
  • 3. After one (1) year you will have earned enough money in interest to pay for the coming yearly MagicJack payment
  • 4.Transfer the interest earned to your Debit Card Account and pay your MagicJack service fee
  • 5. This account will allow you to use [OPM] Other People's Money to pay for your MagicJack service for each year you chose to maintain it.

Below you will get an idea of the advantages of using MagicJack

Number One

  • 1. Inexpensive Secondary Telephone Service »[Costing $19.95 per year or 5¢ per day]
  • 2. Excellent adjunct to expensive prime time and/or poor indoor Cellular Telephone Service
  • 3. Distribute MagicJack phone number to all contacts as primary contact number
  • 4. When outdoors have the MagicJack phone number forwarded to cell phone
  • 5. When indoors use MagicJack phone number to reach and be reached by contacts

Number Two

  • 1. Inexpensive Second Telephone Service for your home »[Costing $19.95 per year or 5¢ per day]
  • 2. If you don't want to leave your computer on overnight, just have the MagicJack phone number forwarded to your Primary service when shutdown
  • 3. Excellent teenager(s) own phone line instead of expensive cellular phone when at home â+' can be used like MagicJack Uses Number One as above

Number Three

  • 1. Inexpensive telephone service for a home business »[Costing $19.95 per year or 5¢ per day]
  • 2. Built in voice mail makes it easy for customers messages to be heard via email when away from home business location, like when at your primary employment

MagicJack Telephone Service Throughout the Entire Residence or Business

  • The user can have the service throughout the entire building by purchasing something like the newer General Electric Model 25931 Series 5.8 GHz Cordless Handset Speakerphone System.
  • The telephone system is EXPANDABLE with up to a total of four (4) handsets (by purchase of optional Model 25901 handsets with charge cradles).

Never pay a monthly phone bill again with MagicJack

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