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How to Use Telegram Web On Your Computer

Telegram, one of the world's most popular and secure instant messaging apps, is also available in PC and Web versions. These two complementary ways of using Telegram, which go beyond your iOS and Android app, also include its options and feature tools, such as stickers, animated GIFs, the ability to send files up to 1 GB and private chats with self-destructive messages, for example. Read on to discover how to get and use Telegram Web and Telegram Desktop.

Telegram Web and Desktop

Getting the desktop version of Telegram or using this app through the desktop version is very easy. Just go to the official website, enter your phone number and verify it via an SMS that Telegram will send you. Both versions are constantly updated and are automatically synchronized with all your Telegram sessions, including the one on your mobile phone.

In addition, using Telegram on your computer - whether it’s a web or desktop version - has many advantages, from ease of typing to the ability to save data from your mobile sessions on your computer, to name just a few examples.

Telegram Web

In the case of Telegram Web, you'll need to add a browser extension, currently supported by Chrome and Firefox. Click Add to Chrome or Add to Firefox and it will be added automatically. Once installed, just go directly to web.telegram.org to chat with your contacts. We recommend that you create a shortcut to this page for faster access to Telegram Web.

Telegram Desktop

The desktop version of Telegram can also be easily installed by downloading the program from its official website (click here if you have Windows or Linux, and click here if you use MacOS. Once you have finished the installation and accepted the terms of use, you can access Telegram from your computer by clicking on the Telegram icon that will appear on your desktop or program folder.

NB: Telegram is also available for your Android and iOS devices.

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