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Bips and common errors

Here is the list of different error codes for the BIOS:

  • A very short bip:
    • Problem with your motherboard (Bios AMI)
    • Problem with your RAM ( AWARD BIOS)
  • A short bip:
    • Everything OK ( AMI & AWARD BIOS)
  • A long bip followed by 3 short ones:
    • Problem with your graphical card ( AMI & AWARD BIOS)
  • A short bip followed by 3 long bips:
    • Problem with your RAM ( AMI BIOS)
  • 1 bip, pause, 1 bip, pause, 2 bips:
    • Problem with your CPU (PHOENIX BIOS)
  • 3 bips, pause, 3 bips, pause, 4 bips:
    • Problem with your video memory (PHOENIX BIOS)
  • 3 bips, pause, 4 bips, pause, 1bip:
    • Problem with your graphic card (PHOENIX BIOS)
  • 4 bips, pause, 3 bips, pause, 1 bip:
    • Problem with your memory (PHOENIX BIOS)
  • 5 short bips:
    • Problem with your CPU (AMI & AWARD BIOS)
  • Long and constant bips:
    • Problem with RAM (AWARD BIOS)
  • Recurrent sharp short bips:
    • CPU temperature is too high
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