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Playing music on your website

Webmasters can use flash software to play music on websites. To enable music on a website, a web-based music player that is compatible with the flash player of internet browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer is required. There are several free web music player softwares available to play music on websites such as DewPlayer, XSPF Web Music Player and Zenorg, etc. It is important to know about free web music to play music on websites which does not violate copyright laws. While some tunes can be played for free, others may require a fee to be paid for the music to be broadcast.


If you are searching for a simple and lightweight solution to enable music on your website, regardless of the user's internet browser, the best solution is to use a media player that is compatible with Flash as it is normally found on most browsers.

Be careful of breaching copyright law if you are playing commercial tracks that you do not have the rights to, as it can result in a costly lawsuit. It is possible to obtain broadcasting rights, allowing you to play copyrighted music.

There are, however, copyright-free songs that you can use on your site without fear of legal action. You can find out more about the free music that is available here.


This is a particularly basic and lightweight application for playing music online.

XSPF Web Music Player

This application offers more advanced features for playing MP3 files over the internet, such as assigning an image to each track.

Zanorg Radio

This application allows you to personalize its settings so that it appears how you want it to.



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