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Extracting sound from WMV video format

You must first get VLC media player at: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Then after installation:
  • 1. Choose File => Open File (advanced)
  • 2. Tab File => Browse button to open the avi or mpg or wmv, which we want to extract the soundtrack
  • 3. Check Flow Release
  • 4. Click on Settings
  • 5. Select File + filename = "toto.wav" (put the full path to be safe)
  • 6. encapsulation method = Wav

=> this parameter is the choice of container
  • 7. codec audio = s16l in 128 kbits / sec or 192 kbits / sec (channels = 2 for the stereo)
  • 8. 2 times click OK to start extracting the soundtrack

(note the size. wav output!: 600MB for an hour of music)

Note: you can choose different audio codecs in VLC, but I not sure what method of encapsulation choose ...
In any case, with a WAV, you can then use software that you know better to encode in another format (MP3, ogg, ...)

Another Solution:

To extract sound from any video you will have to use a software, I will advise you using AoA Audio Extractor which is a great tool to extract sound/audio and also background sound from any video files

Download it here.

Please note that AoA Audio Extractor is completely free

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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