Vista - The icon of power management has disappeared

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  • The icon for power management in the taskbar has disappeared!
  • I can't enable it in "Properties".
  • The box "Power Management" is greyed out: you can not click on it!


  • First we must stop the explorer.exe process.
  • To do this:
  • Right click on the taskbar (bottom right corner)> Task Manager> processes tab. (Or Ctrl + Alt + Delete> Task Manager)
  • Then we must find explorer.exe. Right click and select "End Process".

At this time, the icons on your desktop, taskbar and the "Start" menu will disappear, which is quite normal.
It remains only the task manager and your screen.
  • We must now restart explorer.exe (to find the icons on your desktop, taskbar, ...)
  • To do this:
  • Still in Task Manager is opened> tab "Application"> New Task ... > Type explorer.exe> Enter then press the [Enter].
  • Vista comes with the sound, battery and network icon. The boxes are no mare grayed out.

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