Connecting an Xbox 360 via the Wi-Fi of a laptop

XBOX 360 is the latest edition of XBOX coming from Microsoft's stable. XBOX 360 supports online game play once connected to an internet network. It can also be connected to a laptop via a Wi-Fi network. For this the console needs to be connected with an Ethernet cable and after that Manage Network connections. There both Wi-Fi and LAN connections will be visible. Firstly, the Wi-Fi connection needs to be shared using the relevant settings. After that, one needs to test the connection under the network settings of the console and map the network.


Is it possible to connect an Xbox 360 via RJ45 a laptop connected to a wifi network. If yes how to find the address gate, I'm writing in the settings of the Xbox 360?



  • An Xbox 360
  • A PC With Vista
  • A PC connected to a Wi-Fi terminal
  • An Ethernet cable


  • 1 - Connect your Xbox 360 to the PC with the Ethernet cable,
  • 2 - Put the Xbox 360 live (leave the light course)
  • 3 - Then in the Start Menu> Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center> Manage Network Connections
  • 4 - It's almost finished: in the Network Connections window you must have "Wireless Network Connection" and "Local Area Connection"

The Wireless Network Connection is your connection with your Wi-Fi .

Local Network connection is a connection via an Ethernet port (so here connect your Xbox 360).

  • 5 - Select your wireless connection (right click) and then Property, shares and check the first box
  • 6 - Go to Xbox 360 to complete this operation
  • 7 - Go to System tab> Network Settings > Test Connection The Xbox LIVE
  • Xbox will whow a notification (if you were connected to a profile), it should be written: - "The test of your Network maps.
  • Continue to disconnect the configuration? Click on "Yes"

Thanks to Quentin25 for this tip.

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