iPhone - Fonts and icons are too large

The zoom feature in iPhone can cause certain issues with the display such as visibly larger font size. Font size issues in the iPhone can make it difficult to navigate the iPhone especially when accessing the internet. If the font size is too large, only part of the website can be seen, which can be vey inconvenient. If the zoom remains on in the iPhone, there may be font size issues during normal operations too. The zoom can be adjusted by tapping on the screen or by disabling it permanently. The zoom feature of the iPhone can be permanently disabled from the Accessibility settings of the iPhone.


The fonts and icons of my home-screen are too large and navigation is hence impossible.


This happens when the zoom feature is active:
  • To disable this feature, tap the screen 2 times with 3 fingers.

To disable this option permanently:
  • Settings> General Tab> Accessibility> Zoom.

For more information check out the official website of Apple.
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