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HTML - Transmission of a "variable" in PHP


With HTML and PHP, I want to retrieve (in a page) the value of a field of a record in a table. Then, at the click of a button (in a form on this page) this value should be sent to another page (the form's action).

But I do not know how to pass this value
I tried with the transmission URL variable but believe that I put as a string, so it's useless.

For example, if I put in the URL mysite/page.php?variable1=$ variable_to_transmit I think he sent the string "$ variable_to_transmit" and not the content of the variable$ variable_to_transmit. "I already know that this is normal since I use a variable declared in the PHP's internal URL that is in html but I do not know another way.


If you use a form, you will have a more elegant solution:

And you're recovered in the following page with $ _POST ['variable1']
This solution has the advantage of not burdening your URL and makes the variable "invisible" user.


Thanks to swoog42 for this tip.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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